Friday, 10 February 2012

I get mail too!

I can never really remember all of the sites I sign up to for newsletters, RSS subscriptions and the like. Sometimes I get a little surprise in my inbox. Today's little gem was a lovely missive begging me for money so that the Christian Coalition can continue its war on Obama, offering no factual basis for their campaign at all.

Dear Friend,
Good start!

I have no idea why the Christian Coalition thinks I am their friend.
About nine months from now Americans will be going to the polls to cast ballots in the most important election of our lifetime.

And we need to make sure they have the facts before they vote.
Which facts are these then? They are not mentioned anywhere here.
That is why we launched our 2012 “Pray and Vote” campaign a full year before Election Day – to build an army of conservative activists who will help us educate voters before they go to the polls.

But to do that, we need your help.
What do you think I can do to help educate voters before they go to the polls?
Our campaign involves recruiting activists via online advertising, identifying pro-family voters and producing voter guides to make available online as well shipping pre-printed voter guides directly to churches.

As you can imagine, this effort is expensive.  But when you think about the alternative of an Election Day without a maximum turnout of pro-family, conservative voters, it will be a worthwhile investment.

Will you take a moment right now and make a secure online contribution to this effort?
Yes, I think I can do something to educate these poor misguided fools.
Every dollar you contribute will help us sign up other volunteers and produce more vital voter education material.
But you are not getting my money.
I realize that the election seems a long way off at the moment, but by starting early, we can make sure that we have the critical resources that we will need this fall.

The outcome of the 2012 election will depend on what pro-family conservatives do between now and then.
I couldn't agree with you more.
Remember, everything is up for grabs…

Supreme Court appointments 
In the interests of protecting the Constitution we should only appoint those that have a clear understanding of the law.
Important pro-life legislation
Over 350 Anti-Abortion Bills in 2011 & Anti-Woman Legislation - [VIDEO]
Overturning ObamaCare
Specific ideas that showed majority support, such as purchasing drugs from Canada, limiting malpractice awards, and reducing the age to qualify for Medicare, were not enacted. Which would make acceptance of Obamacare far more popular.
Reforming our tax code
Because poorer tax payers paying proportionally more than the richest 0.01% of Americans is fair?
Reducing our national debt
By making government cutbacks on departments with budgets far in excess of what is necessary.
But making a difference starts now!

So please, click here and make a secure online contribution today.  If you can, use the online form to agree to a regular monthly commitment of $10, $25 or even $50 dollars.

Your support can make all the difference.

Voter education is crucial, and Christian Coalition voter guides are one of the most powerful tools that pro-family conservatives have ever had to educate others on where candidates for public office stand on key faith and family issues.
Yes. Which is why I will not be using it for anything other than a guide as to advise people what not to do.
But in order to have an impact, they must get into the hands of voters.

Will you help us?

Click here and make your secure online contribution today!

Thank you so much for all that you do.


Roberta Combs
President & CEO

PS. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this email to other conservatives!
You betcha!

Tris Stock is a secular atheist, sceptic, pop-philosopher and writer trying very hard to build up a following with a view to one day make an income from doing what he loves. Please follow him on Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

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