Tuesday, 14 February 2012

On public prayer in a secular society

Source: thisiscornwall

In a recent High Court ruling on public prayer as a part of parish council meetings, former councillor Clive Bone backed by the National Secular Society won a ruling that stated the council has no basis in law for performing public prayer as a part of its business.

I have already written one post regarding the Bishop of Exeter's reaction to the ruling, but due to the media frenzy surrounding the story, I should like to take the time to write further on it.

In my local news paper (at least, the website version of it), I have become engaged in a debate on the subject, and would like to share it here before someone deems it inappropriate and has it flagged (this would not be the first time it has happened.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Guesthouse owners lose appeal over gay couple ban | This is Cornwall

Guesthouse owners lose appeal over gay couple ban | This is Cornwall

This story seems to have been running for years. These two clowns live about three miles away from me, and run the guest house my grandfather used to frequent many years ago.

I hate the fact that homophobia and intolerance still exists in this country, but I guess the prevalence of traditional Christian values are still used to justify such behaviour.

With any luck, this will be the last I hear of the story.

Two Christian guest-house owners who were ordered to pay damages after refusing to allow a gay couple to stay in a double room lost their appeal today.
The challenge by Peter and Hazelmary Bull, who run Chymorvah House in Marazion, Cornwall, was rejected by three judges in the Court of Appeal in London.

They had appealed against a conclusion by a judge at Bristol County Court that they acted unlawfully when they turned away Martyn Hall and his civil partner Steven Preddy in September 2008.
Judge Andrew Rutherford ruled in January last year that the Bulls had breached equality legislation and ordered them to pay the couple a total of £3,600 damages.
The appeal judges heard that the Bulls thought any sex outside marriage was a “sin”, but denied they had discriminated against Mr Hall and Mr Preddy, from Bristol.
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Should I report the Bishop of Exeter to the police?

Source: BBC News

Giving his reaction to Bideford Town Council losing its High Court ruling regarding prayers as part of its meetings, The Bishop of Exeter, the Rt Revd Michael Langrish, said he would encourage councils in his area to continue holding prayers before the start of their statutory business.

However, the ruling is unambiguous in its conclusion that;
The saying of prayers as part of the formal meeting of a Council is not lawful under s111 of the Local Government Act 1972, and there is no statutory power permitting the practice to continue. If it were lawful, the manner in which the practice is carried out in the circumstances of Bideford does not infringe either Mr Bone’s human rights nor does it unlawfully discriminate indirectly against him on the grounds of his lack of religious belief.
In calling for other town councils in Devon to continue holding prayers, the bishop is inciting them to commit a criminal offence.

I get mail too!

I can never really remember all of the sites I sign up to for newsletters, RSS subscriptions and the like. Sometimes I get a little surprise in my inbox. Today's little gem was a lovely missive begging me for money so that the Christian Coalition can continue its war on Obama, offering no factual basis for their campaign at all.

Dear Friend,
Good start!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Talk radio host Mike Savage is insane

Source: Wing Nut Daily

I had never encountered Mike Savage before about a month ago, and I have to say, I really wish I hadn't to this day. 

In an article on Wing Nut Daily, he goes to town on the Obama administration comparing it to the dictatorships of the Duvaliers in Haiti and Venezuala's Hugo Chavez. Some of the comments go further, comparisons being made to fascists Hitler and Mussolini (whilst confusingly also mentioning Che Guevera).

Oh well, here is my response to his claims.