Friday, 2 March 2012

The blistering hypocrisy of Mark Panzarino (The Honest - not happy, as I previously said - Atheist, @krankyPanz) on Alain de Botton

I posted a Tweet that was critical of Alain de Botton. The following is the only response I got;
"You're a fucking idiot" Mark Panzarino @krankyPanz

A brief look at his other Tweets shows a similar distaste for reasoned debate;

After further research, I find he is, in fact, an atheist and not some Christian troll as it might first appear, and paints himself very much in the same vein as de Botton. This link is to a podcast by Reap Paden who interviews said Mr Panzarino, who inexplicably canes angry atheists  for debasing the tone of the debate. Reap clearly tries to politely reign him in, but he is on a roll.

He continues, in effusive terms, to read the very statement from the beginning of de Bottons book where he states;
"Probably the most boring question you can ask about religion is whether or not the whole thing is ‘true’. Unfortunately, recent public discussions on religion have focused obsessively on precisely this issue, with a hardcore group of fanatical believers pitting themselves against an equally small band of fanatical atheists."
As the article I linked to in my Twitter post suggests, and as other prominent atheists have been blogging about all day, most self-identifying atheists take serious exception to truth being boring. I could add my tuppence-worth to the debate, but will leave it to Libby Anne, JT Eberhard, Greta Christina, PZ Myers, Crommunist and Martin Wagner to express themselves in their own inimitable styles against de Botton's ill-conceived musings on what atheists should think.

I am not here to criticise de Botton; that is too easy and has been done more than enough by the atheist heavyweight elite. But I just thought I would bring your attention to the blistering hypocrisy of Mark Panzarino.

P.S. He is also responsible for this;


I get mail,

Hey I removed the podcast with mark panzawhatever his name was. Dude was crying about atheists being too mean and annoying the hell out of me. I don't want a podcast post that is nothing but bullshit anyway. If he cant back his words up then screw him. Took me fucking 2 hours to edit it so he didn't sound like a bumbling fool, time wasted. When he asked me to remove it he never once acted as though he understood the time it takes to put it together.
Just thought I'd update you so you can correct the link on your blog. Here's a direct link to the file
I never told him I was going to destroy the recording


Your thoughts? Experiences?

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  1. What a piece of work. He's obviously been trained by creationists. No one else uses the SWEARING IN ALL CAPS MAKES ME RIGHT AND YOU WRONG writing/discussion style.

  2. I've dealt with him a few times. It starts out with him misunderstanding tweets & replying in his snarky tone. It then progresses into some strange animal depending on which mood swing he is riding.

    The first issue we had was when I commented about Catholic priests & little boys. He said, "don't make it about being gay", to which I replied, "It's not about being gay - it's about accessibility"

    A few days later I was complaining about Chris Brown and he replied with how he had paid his debt to society. I was saying how he should actively seek out as much counselling as possible - if he is truly sorry - to ensure it doesn't happen again. Mark replied with, "That's not what the courts sentenced him to". When we tried to explain that it isn't about sentencing, it's about being proactive, he lost it. Ultimately, it ended in Mark swearing at us in cap locks, then deleting all of his tweets & protecting his account.

    My opinion is that he has a serious mood disorder.

    And what is the comment about him being HIV positive? Why would he tweet that?

    He needs some counselling & I would personally LOVE it if he stopped promoting himself as an atheist. He is exactly why theists distrust us. We've got enough problems in society without him doing his part to push the movement back.

    1. If another atheist is in need of counseling and has a mood disorder, your advice is not to support them but to push them back in the atheist closet? And make blog posts about their suspected problems? What kind of morality is that? Maybe thats why theists distrust us...because we don't take very good care of our own community.

  3. He's a very off individual, that's for sure. We also had a disagreement that resulted in him blocking me (though apparently he continued ranting at me after he had blocked me, which is pretty classy).

    If you ever need a laugh, do a Twitter search for any tweets containing his username. Does a day go by where he doesn't flip out on someone?

    What a strange, immature man.

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