Wednesday, 18 January 2012

List of offensive Twitterers.

Source: Twitter

I make no bones about being an outspoken atheist, and I have in the past crossed the line from my usual inquiring and debating techniques to more frothy language when I think it is deserved. Nevertheless, it is rare that I cross this line.

Not so with my interlocutors on Twitter, though. As my reach spreads on the half-pint blogging network, I am increasingly witness to rude and threatening behaviour, one presumes, from those that oppose my atheism - namely theists.

This page is dedicated to those that like to display their disdain for me, and in the interests of fairness, I shall post my own excessive posts. I will neither block people or ask them for an apology for their transgressions, in the same way that I do not expect to be blocked or proffer apologies for my own heated displays. This page is just for fun, and maybe a little educational.

Here we go...

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