Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Archive: Bishop Conley sees ‘atheocracy’ as major threat to pro-life cause

Source: Catholic News Agency

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Secularism in America is openly hostile to religion?

There is only one openly atheist member of Congress. State Houses have introduced hundreds of Bills that propose religious privilege in abeyance of the Constitution. Ninety two percent of the population believes in God. The good bishop stands in his pulpit preaching to the 24% Catholic population of the US [1] - about 1/3 of the Christian population - claiming religious hostility. A Christian president, in a long line of Christian presidents.

I could go on, but I fear the culture of persecution will go on regardless.

The facts are simple; The US Government is a function of the Constitution that forms the secular backbone of the nation. Church and State is separated for a reason, namely that in order to protect religious freedom for all, the State cannot be seen to promote one religion over another. This is why the State cannot legally fund religious programs that the religious people - especially the Catholics - seem to think is some sort of right. This is simply not the case.

If Catholics want to promote a Catholic agenda, they are free to do so in law. What they are not free to do is anything on the public's dime. That is also law.

I am so tired of seeing bishops and other clergy pleading discrimination and persecution in the face of an overwhelming Christian majority and in spite of the laws that they claim founded the US as a Christian nation. It beggars belief - pun intended.


[1] I have just found a more up to date source showing that the U.S. Catholic population is decreasing. The latest study, reported by the Catholic News Agency shows the figure to be 23%

*** UPDATE ***

I have had a number of responses that the Catholic News Agency is reluctant to let me respond to. The following page allows me to rebut my accusers.

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