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Reality check: Documenting 2012 predictions

It is not unusual for people to make predictions about the coming year; most are benign attempts at speculation, but some claim to know what is going to happen. Here follows a list of events that have been seriously touted as divine foreknowledge or foregone conclusions.

I shall be editing each prediction as they unfold, by pasting the respective link to each successful prophesy. If these soothsayers are what they claim to be, the page should be a sea of blue by the end of the year (if the end of the world is not forthcoming, of course).

Have you heard any howlers that should make the list?
Pat Robertson


Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson says he thinks God has shown him who the next president will be. 
But on Tuesday's broadcast of CBN News' "The 700 Club," he added, "I'm not supposed to talk about that, so I'll leave you in the dark." 
Robertson begins each year with predictions he believes God has shown him after days of prayer, but some have failed spectacularly. In 2007, he predicted there would be terrorist attacks on cities that could kill millions of people. 
This year, the 81-year-old Robertson is predicting "an economic collapse," and says God told him the next president will be like a pilot desperately trying to avert the impending crash. 
Robertson wouldn't say who he believes that president will be, but said God told him President Barack Obama has a "radical view of the direction of the country" that will lead to "chaos and paralysis."

Antonio Vázquez: The “Grand Warlock” of Mexico City.


Every year the so-called "Great Wizard" of Mexico, Antonio Vázquez, casts his tarot cards and makes predictions for the forthcoming year. His predictions have a mixed record of success, at best, but they have earned Vázquez a name and something following in Latin America. 

This year, at least regarding one big prediction, most people in the world will be rooting that he is right on the money: The "Great Wizard" says theories of doomsday in 2012 are "big fat lies."

The Mayans, Vázquez says, never said anything about the world ending.

As for his other prophesies, Vázquez tended to the provocative. He suggested Tuesday at a press conference in Mexico City that witchcraft caused the rash of cancer cases among South American leaders. 

Not only has Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez been battling an unspecified cancerous tumor, but also Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer --which has a high survival rate. Current Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, her predecessor Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo have all suffered from cancer. 

Vázquez is not the only person wondering out loud about the coincidence of cancer cases at the highest levels. Venezuela's Hugo Chávez questioned last week if the U.S. could have induced the illness that he and the leftist leaders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay suffer from.

Among the 'Great Wizards' other predictions are that Barack Obama will lose the 2012 election and that Syria would be invaded. He did not specify by whom.
The warlock has predicted events since 1980, but his record is not spot-on.

In 2008, for example, he predicted Britney Spears' death.

Vázquez's predictions come on the heels of a similar exercise by a council of high priests of Santeria in Cuba. The "Babalawos" as they are called, predicted that 2012 would be a year of "great disturbances" around the globe.

Ronald Weinland

Source: God Discussion

Ronald Weinland, who considers himself a prophet of God, continues to warn that Jesus Christ is returning on May 27, 2012.
For those who do not believe him and mock his message, Weinland claims that they will die from cancer.

From his blog;
January 7, 2012, is another important occurrence for the timing of God’s work and end-time events. This date is an important crossroad in time as it ends a prophetically historic portion of time in Daniel that consists of a prophetic measure of “time” and “times” that began after Trumpets of 2009. January 8 of this year begins the final “half-a-time” of this full prophetic period known as “time, times, and half-a-time.” That day is the start of the final period of 140 days (half-a-time) that leads up to the very coming of the Messiah spoken of in those same prophecies of Daniel.

Weinland is also predicting that "the United States will collapse" and that there will be a nuclear war before May 27 this year. "The truth is ridiculed, ignored, slandered and mocked," he warns.

Jack Van Impe

Source: December 21 2012

Jack Van Impe is a televangelist who appears on a weekly television show called "Jack Van Impe Presents". 

Van Impe's website claims that he is known as the "Walking Bible" because of his extensive memorization of Bible verses. 

He is predicting based on his study of the Mayan's that something incredible may happen on December 21 2012. He has pondered the idea that it could possibly be the middle of the 7 year tribulation when the anti-Christ is revealed, but states that is just one of many things possible. 

Van Impe has made a video about his findings called Watch "December 21st 2012: History's Final Day?".

*Note: There are a number of 'celebrities' that have bought into the Mayan 2012 end of the world prophesy; Van Impe being only one of them.

Pyschic Nikki


Nikki has been busy making her predictions. Take a deep breathe now...

Summary and Overview 2012

There will be a lot of catastrophic events but the world won’t end, changes to the map of the world, a lot of medical breakthroughs, and changes in government.

World Predictions

Earthquake in Mexico City destroying most of the city.
Major breakthrough in the cure for breast cancer.
Giant earthquake in California.
Cyber hackers disrupting computers worldwide.
More solar flares disrupting communications worldwide.
Problems in Lebanon, possible attacks or uprisings, and Beirut on fire.
Animals and birds, wild and domestic, will attack people leading up to the end of 2012.
A theatre in Dublin, Ireland, will burn to the ground.
An earthquake in Cardiff, Wales.
Breakthrough in birth defects through stem cell research.
More laser attacks against planes.
Weird weather conditions worldwide including snow in Hawaii, Las Vegas and in the Caribbean.
Earthquakes in Ontario, Quebec, and the Niagara Escarpment.
Major earthquakes in Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and Alaska.
Another major earthquake in Japan where parts of Japan fall into the sea.
Giant prehistoric Sea Monsters under the sea.
Danger around President Obama.
A past US President will pass.
Major UFO sightings all over the world.
A possible landing of a space ship.
Iran and Israel will attack each other.
Upheaval in South America with governments.
Breakthroughs in the cures for Leukemia and Chrones Disease.
North America could be dark in the daytime for long periods of time.
A Stock Market crash like 1929 worldwide.
Amtrak trains blown up in the US.
Terrorist attacks in Washington, Indiana, New York, California, Chicago, and Canada.
Giant dust storms in Morocco.
Terrorist attacks in Morocco, Paris, France, and London, England.
Earthquakes in Spain and France.
Bernard Madoff and Rupert Murdock have to watch their health.
A disabled man attempts to go around the world in his wheelchair.
A bomb blast at Buckingham Palace, London, England.
A terrorist attack in Delhi, India.
Another major terrorist attack in Mumbai, India.
India and Pakistan at war.
A terrorist attack in Toronto, Canada.
Somebody will fall off the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.
Bomb blasts in nuclear and hydro facilities in the United States.
A biological attack on the Unites States.
North Korea attacks South Korea and Japan.
More worldwide protests.
Great floods and rushing rivers in the US.
Mount Vesuvius will erupt near Naples, Italy.
Earthquake in Naples and Rome, Italy.
Mount St. Helens will erupt.
A huge pandemic worldwide.
Civil war in Syria - possible attack by the US on Syria.
Sex scandal in the Obama administration.
Ships blown up in the Port of New York City.
An attack on Norad.
An attack on the Vatican and the Pope.
A great fire in Warsaw, Poland.
A car company will go bankrupt.
A cruise ship will sink after a fire in the South Pacific.
A US owned cruise ship will be hijacked.
A bomb blast Westminster Abbey, London, England.
Thousands of dead fish and ocean species will wash up on the beaches around the world.
Planes will disappear near the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
Problems with the earth’s magnetic fields.
Earth will fall off its’ axis a little more.
A hole in the earth’s core.
Ex-President Mubarak of Egypt will pass.
The Holy Grail will be found.
Oil companies will find new ways of finding fuel through oceans.
Hearst Castle in California will burn to the ground after a massive fire.
A huge drought in Africa.
An oil spill off the coast of Africa.
More of the polar ice cap will break away.
The City of Hong Kong on fire.
A massive earthquake in China.
A huge mudslide in Brazil.
Communication glitches worldwide.
A plane crashes into the White House in Washington, DC.
Terrorist attack in Copenhagen, Denmark.
New York and Boston buried in snow.
A man attempts to go around the world in a hot air balloon.
A spectacular crash of two planes on the runway at Kennedy Airport.
A famous Canadian politician will pass.
New York’s Metropolitan Opera House on fire.
Multiple rainbows in the sky all over the world within a 24 to 48 hour period.
Damage to the Sistine Chapel in Rome, Italy.
A famous racehorse will be kidnapped.
The lights go out in Las Vegas after an explosion at a power facility.
The map of the world will change because of catastrophic events happening in the world.
Larger tornadoes than usual especially in the US.
Two ships will sink on the Great Lakes.
Attack on water facilities in the US, Britain and Canada.
Foreshocks/earthquakes happening in Yellowstone Park.
People building underground houses.
A huge avalanche in Whistler, British Columbia.
An avalanche in Italy, France, and Switzerland.
A giant earthquake in India.
A giant earthquake in Japan and Turkey.
A bad terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya.
An attack at Edwards Airforce Base.
A man will scale the Eiffel Tower.
A bomb in the Paris subway.
Two subways will collide in New York.
Trump Tower in New York on fire.
Terrorist attack Dubai.
A meteorite shower hitting the earth.
Terrorist attack in Scotland.
Space tragedy.
Terrorist attack in Las Vegas.

Star Predictions

Another marriage and baby for Kim Kardashian.
Rob Kardashian having a reality show.
Michael Bubble acting roles and lots of movies as well as singing.
Julia Roberts more directing and being a spokesperson for an International Charity.
Danger for Sean Coombs.
Danger for Lady Gaga.
Actress Mila Kunis on the runway and being a fashion spokesperson for many brands including her own.
William and Kate becoming parents to at least one child or possibly twins.
Ellen DeGeneres joining the army for one week.
Anderson Cooper being nominated for an Emmy Award.
I see a fire at Anderson Cooper’s house.
Anderson Cooper being nominated for an Emmy Award.
Meryl Streep being nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in the move Iron Lady.
Another marriage for Ivana Trump.
A country music legend will pass.
Sylvester Stallone nominated for a Tony Award.
Sarah Palin health problems.
Katy Perry and Russell Brand will split. - To say that this is a 2012 prediction is a little weak. Two days before 2012 arrived, Russell Brand filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.
Faith Hill and Trim McGraw to split.
More children for Brad and Angelina.
A marriage for Angelina Jolie.
A marriage for Brad Pitt.
Angelina Jolie has to watch her health.
Ivana Trump has to be careful on the ski slopes.
George Clooney has to watch for danger.
Donald Trump has to watch his health.
A kidnapping around the Jackson family.
Martha Stewart health issues.
Susan Lucei will become a Chef and have a cooking show.
Madonna will break a leg.
A remake of the move Towering Inferno in 3D.
A movie star will be killed by a tiger.
Rod Stewart has to watch his health.
Jack Nicolson has to watch his health.
A Victoria Secret model will be kidnapped for ransom.
Nickolas Cage will split from his wife.
Leo D’Caprio will be in love again.

Wild Weather Predictions

Earthquake in New Zealand, Australia.
Extreme weather worldwide – hot in cold climates and snow in areas that don’t have snow.
Category Five Hurricane wipes out Miami.
Earthquake in the British Isles.
Earthquake in New York City and Memphis, Tennessee.
Extra large tornadoes wiping out towns in the US.
A gigantic earthquake in California.
An earthquake of great magnitude wiping out Mexico City.
An earthquake in Utah.
Large earthquake and tornadoes in Quebec, the Niagara region, and in Ontario.
Earthquake in Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles.
Major floods in the US.
Wildfires in Greece, Hawaii, California, Australia and Texas.
Earthquake in Seattle, Washington.
Earthquake in Oregon.
Mt. St. Helen’s erupting.
Tsunami in Malibu.
Giant tornadoes in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, California, Missouri, and Tennessee.
Russian earthquake.
Giant earthquake in Japan along with another tsunami.
Tsunami in Alaska, Russia, and Hawaii.
Another earthquake effecting New York City, Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.
Earthquake in Iran.
Earthquake in Los Vegas and Grand Canyon.

The Royals

A bomb blast at Buckingham Palace.
Prince William and Kate becoming parents to at least one child maybe twins.
Danger around William and Harry where planes are concerned.
As assassination attempt around Queen Elizabeth.
Fergie has to be careful around cars.
The Queen will be robbed.
Duke of Edinborough has to watch his health. 90 year-old Prince Philip was taken into hospital with a heart condition on 23rd December 2011. This is hardly a prophesy.
The Queen has to watch her health and falling.
A fire at Windsor Castle.
A car accident – Royal Family of Morocco.

Sports Predictions

A famous sports person in the world of Formula One racers will pass.
National Hockey League for women.
Terrorist attack at an Olympic event.
A Formula One crash involving more than 20 cars.

Fashion Predictions

Gothic will still be around for a while based on the Twilight series.
Everything Marilyn – red lips, platinum hair for men and women.
Very fifties fashions based on Michelle Williams’ new film with Iron Lady, and J. Edgar Hoover coming out. Died in 1972
Again very period looking vintage.
More makeup for men.
The colour orange in fashion.

Death and Health Watch

Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Swarzenhagger, Annette Funicello, Penny Marshall, Hillary Clinton, Doris Day, Dario Franchaetti, Clint Eastwood, Willie Nelson, Paul Tracey, Brittany Spears, Latoya Jackson, John Walsh, Steven Harper, Burt Reynolds, David Hasselhoff (The Hoff), Bernard Madoff, Ex-President Mubarak of Egypt, Rupert Murdoch, Mickey Rooney, Phyllis Diller, Carol Channing, Lauren Bacall, Loretta Lynn, Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Billy Graham, Jerry Lewis, Kirk Douglas, Joanne Woodward, Debbie Reynolds, Barak Obama, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Dick Clark, Nelson Mandela, Larry King, Jimmy Carter, Barbara Bush, The Duke of Edinborough, Shirley Temple, Bob Barker, Keith Richards, Barry Manilow, Jackie Stallone, Charles Manson, Nancy Reagan, Ryan Seacrest, Leaders in Syria and Iran, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, Bill Clinton, Howie Mandel, Hugh Hefner, Danny Glover, Betty White, Prime Minister of Australia, Woody Allen, Daniel Craig, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Osborne, Michelle Williams, Heidi Montague, Dick Cheney, John Travolta, George Bush Sr., Regis Philbin, Robin Williams, Natalie Portman, George Bush Jr., Taylor Swift, Tony Bennett, David Letterman, Justin Beiber, Ru Paul, Selina Gomez, Tippi Hendren, Melanie Griffith, Mick Jagger, Ed Asner, Sean Coombs (Puff Diddy), Karl Lagerfield, Michael Douglas, Kreskin, Donald Trump, Cloris Leachman, Queen Elizabeth, Chaz Bono, Madonna, Pink, Harry Belafonte, Mary Tyler Moore, Princess Fergie, Shia La Bouef, Alice Cooper, Carol Burnett, Steven Tyler, Mark Anthony, Gordon Lightfoot, Avril Lavigne, Prime Minister of England, Chris Angel (Mindfreak), Ronnie Hawkins, Alex Trebek, Jay Leno, Paul McCartney, Anderson Cooper, Robert Evans, Barbara Streisand, Sir Richard Branson, Prince William, Prince Harry, Nicole Richie, Simon Cowell, David Copperfield, Desi Arnaz Jr., Ralph Lauren, and Ernest Borgnine. 

It does not mean the above mentioned will pass but they might have to watch their health and also watch for danger in their life.

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