Friday, 14 December 2012

#Cornwall Council bleeding the poor for nearly 5 x our weight per capita.

According to the excellent Guardian Data site, Cornwall Council's demand that I - and the other poorest people in the county - pay 25% of my Council Tax Benefit, means that those that are not in receipt of benefits escape any and all of the cuts that central Government has made whilst the poorest have to pay approximately five times the amount per capita of the county.

Let me clarify:

  1. My contribution to CTB under the Council's plans mean that I will be paying an extra $246 per year.
  2. Set against the £48 the cuts will cost me, this represents bad value for money.
  3. At 5 times the cost of the cuts, I am subsidising those that can afford to pay.
  4. The contribution made by those who are not in receipt of CTB will be exactly £0 per year.
  5. Set against the £48 the cuts will 'cost' then, this represents robbing the poor to pay your own debt.
  6. By not paying anything to counter the cuts, those that can afford to pay are off-setting their financial losses against those that have nothing.
Seriously! What is wrong with people? How can this be a difficult concept to get your head around?

The poor do not have any money, because they are poor. Cornwall Council thinks that it is the poor that are best suited and funded to bail their national party's mess. Well, let me just say this.

"Over my cold, dead body!"

Explain to me how the poor pay for the entirety of the cuts and those that are not considered poor enough to warrant getting CTB at all pay nothing? NOTHING?

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