Thursday, 8 December 2011

A blast from the past

Steptoe & son was a popular British comedy about the original rag trade.
I remember a time in my distant past when the rag and bone man used to come around this estate, collecting the junk that was otherwise too big to dispose of. Real life Wombles, with a horse and cart.
"Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish."
Having just returned to the area after a long break away, I have just had the pleasure of having the peace disturbed by today's incarnation. A man and his daughter in a modern pick up truck, clanging his bell for attention. I found myself wanting to give him something for old time's sake, but due to my recent move I find myself with a dearth of the things I actually need, not a glut of things I do not.

Quaint and reassuring in a strange way, but I wonder how indicative of the times it all is. What with onerous recycling programs and financial austerity not seen here since the last time I witnessed such a phenomenon in the 1970's.

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