Thursday, 1 December 2011

A celebratory toast to Jesus.

Some gadgets really are quite good fun, even if you lose interest in them quite quickly. However, if they have a genuine raison d'être that extends beyond the birthday or Christmas event under which one is most likely to encounter ownership of such items, then perhaps you should consider a toaster as a low-cost gift in these austere times.

Bringing you the latest in toast technology, The Jesus Toaster and The Virgin Mary Toaster bring you the ultimate in divine breakfast revelations; bringing you false hope from the moment you wake, to set you up for a hard day's evangelising to those that do not care for your toast, or misrepresenting the very fundamentals of reality and everyone in its remit.

That's right, for just 31.95 USD, you too, can produce meaningless art on a specific foodstuff that others have spent their entire lifetimes waiting for (without cheating). But don't go rushing to buy yours yet! If you shop at my link, here, I am offering you a full 4.95 USD off of your purchase.

1.0 out of 5 stars Piece of JunkJanuary 23, 2011
This toaster is a piece of junk. Made of cheap plastic and the first time I used it it almost started a fire. A total waste of money. 

3.0 out of 5 stars Cute but not very well made.,January 20, 2011
It works, but I'd hate to guarantee that I can cook 20 pieces of toast in one morning. It is not heavy duty at all. In fact it is light duty, mostly plastic, and unique because of Jesus on it. Seems they skimped on metal in many areas because they had another selling point. The first one I got was sent back because the handle would not stay down. The replacement one works, but it is very light and I expect it to actually shatter the first time it gets bumped off the counter. I gave it 3 stars because as long as it doesn't get bumped it ought to be fine on the counter and work for a long time.By
R. McLaughlin
 Your very own piece of junk for only 27.00 USD

And now for UK God botherers...

No toaster, I am afraid, but you can buy this natty little threesome from my UK store.

Holy Toast+Jesus Mug, He's No. 1!+Grow Your Own Jesus

Price For All Three: £9.41

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