Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Scientific evidence for the existence of Jesus.


  1. Come on! Someone must have some sort of suggestion? Google, it would appear, is not my friend.

  2. This is an empty article. Oh, yeah... haha I get it.

  3. Jesus is beyond science, evidence or even common sense. All you must do is accept Him into your heart, and you'll see that He is real.

    Also, Twilight is the best series ever! And Ron Paul is totally not a racist.

  4. It matters because I want to know the truth.

    I have read all the references to Jesus by Josephus, Tacitus, et al, but none of them provide any first hand accounts, and certainly do not prove the actual existence of the man.

    Given the 'miraculous' nature of events surrounding him, I think it remarkable that no one thought to record events as they happened.

    In the absence of any first hand accounts, I feel it is warranted to ask for other forms of evidence before I commit my conscience to that which I find, for the most part, unconscionable.

    If this is not forthcoming either, by what measure does anyone have to say that the man - let alone the son of God - existed at all.


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