Monday, 4 June 2012

Letter to Governor Daniels: Ruth Burger child sex abuse case. UPDATED

Ruth Burger (nee Copley)
Many of you will by now have encountered the story over at Incongruous Circumspection regarding the horrific treatment of Ruth Burger (nee Copley), adopted daughter of Dr. Ken Copley - Pastor of Discipleship at Brownsburg Baptist Church IN., who sexually abused her for years. Her mother, if not sexually, certainly physically abused her for an even longer period of time. The nine part series does not take too long to digest, but its content does.

Today, we are informed that the now married with children, and war veteran  Ruth, wrote to Governor Mitch Daniels (Rep.) requesting that the Hamilton County District Attorney to re-open and conduct a thorough investigation into her claims. The letter is dated April 10th, 2012, and as yet has not received a response.

Dr. Ken Copley
Now the story has broken internationally, I feel it necessary to bring this case to the attention of a wider audience, and to give the Governor the opportunity to take Mrs Burger's claims a little more seriously. To that end, I have written to the Governor (copies of which have been shared with the Indianopolis Star, Incongrous Circumspection and my own personal blog) asking him to take action on Mrs Burger's claims - as is his responsibility. I urge you to do the same.

Please feel free to copy-pasta my letter if you are in a hurry, but individually written letters usually have more impact. Also, letting him know that you are posting this to numerous other outlets will likely get his attention. 

Here is my letter in full:

I am writing to the Governor to highlight an important case that I have become aware of through a blog I follow, that I feel he should give his most urgent attention to.

On April 10th of this year, Ruth Burger wrote to the Governor detailing the negligence of various organisations within his jurisdiction regarding her child sexual abuse claim. To date, as far as I am aware, he has not so much as afforded her the decency of a response.

Mrs Burger's accusations are very serious, and have wide ranging implications beyond her own circumstances. By ignoring her reasonable requests to see justice prevail, the Governor gives the outward impression that he is accommodating paedophiles by turning a blind eye to criminal behaviour when it is reported.

Now that this story has broken, I am sure the Governor would now like to approach the situation with the dignity and gravitas that it deserves, and respond immediately to Mrs Burger's April letter with a strong condemnation against child sex abuse and institutional negligence of behalf of those that have treated her so shoddily.

More than anything, though, I am sure Mrs Burger would like to see Justice is carried out according to the law, so I beyond the Governor's condemnation of events so far, perhaps he would also like to take up her case a personal cause.

The fact that this story has reached me, here in the extremities of the British Isles is testament its international scope, and is not likely to be a story which is likely to go away, so I urge him to strongly come out on this issue lest he be seen as part of the problem himself.

The details of the story can be found here;

Thank you for your consideration.


Mr Tris Stock



Dr Copley is no longer working at Brownsburg Baptist Church. As 'incongruous circumspection' reports, though, it would not appear that his departure has anything specifically to do with this story. Still, it's a start.

Will you also write to the Governor? Can you also publish your letter for the world to see? I would be only too happy to past them here if you do not have a blog of your own!


In case you haven't heard, he is now Associate Pastor at this church. I'm literally sick to my stomach. I am a long time homeschooler and have many previous contacts with ATI-ers and their many subgroups. This must not be allowed to go unaddressed.

Thanks for the tip off anon!

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