Wednesday, 27 June 2012

New wheelz donated to Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict's previous ride, bought for $244,590.83 by
Golden Palace Casinos as an advertising gimmick
Not everything the Catholic News Agency reports on is dogmatic and dour. According to a recent report, the Vatican took the keys to a brand new vehicle donated to Pope Benedict XVI by the NWG autos by the founders of the company, Francesco D’Antini and Antonio Rainone.

The event included a blessing of the car and a prayer to St. Christopher, the patron of travelers, that it would always be driven safely.

Never heard of them? No, neither had I. And for some reason, they didn't think it intersting enough of a story too print any details about the vehicle beyond how much it costs to 'top-up' (2.50 USD, btw)

Now for that price, the car is either a model, or it is an electric road vehicle. It turns out, it is the latter. Let's see what Ratzo will be darting around the Vatican in.

Snaz-zay, eh? It even alludes to the Shelby race markings of its clear design fore-runners the Cobra and the Mustang before it.

Founded in Prato in 2003, NWG is a leader company in the Green Economy market.
NWG ZERO is the electrical car of the future that produces savings instead of pollution. Advanced technology and high performance for a new era in urban mobility.
Zero emmisions: NWG ZERO is the innovative eco car with zero emmisions entirely
Made in Italy, provided with an electric motor powered by lithium batteries. 
Free access to Limited Traffic Zones: a car that revolutionizes driving in the city. Free access to Limited Traffic Zones, easy parking and total freedom of movement in traffic, but not only this! NWG ZERO goes well beyond the urban confines thanks to a sports suspension and a sprint core for travelling at 100 Km/h. With the approved M1 version you can also drive it on the motorway.
Just 2 Euro for a full tank and 140 km autonomy to guarantee long distances at a minimum cost and thanks to the electrical power supply, lots of benefits that reduce the cost of running the car: 50% less insurance, no road tax for the first 5 years and low maintenance costs.
The security of not taking risks: already 2 years of satisfied clients world wide. 
NWG ZERO is one of the few city-cars that can boast 2 years on the road on every type of terrain, from extreme heat to snow and ice. 
4 driving styles: driving a NWG ZERO transforms your journey into series of truly unique sensations. 4 different driving styles for 4 different personalities and habits: RACE to exhalt the sporting performance, RAIN for driving with low grip, STANDARD for daily use, ECONOMY to increase autonomy. To each his own style! [source]

Build your own here.

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