Monday, 25 June 2012

Looks like I am going to be a guest on Reap Paden's GodlessRadio show!

Mornings are usually a boring and unproductive time for me. I mean, I keep myself occupied, just with the more mundane day to day humdrum tasks that fill out my day and give me a semblance of reality away from the work you will all be more familiar with.

This morning, though, when answering on-line surveys in the effort to keep my head above water, I got a Skype message from Reap Paden (a.k.a. The Angry Atheist) who runs the podcast.

Now, I have been aware of his show for a couple of years now, and always listen to the show for no other reason than the great people he attracts to it, as the following exchange just goes to show.

Here, follows, a transcript of the conversation:

[14:01:32] Reap: hey you round?
[14:05:08] Tris Stock: What's on?
[14:06:27] Reap: think about being a guest on my podcast will ya?
[14:08:39] Tris Stock: Gosh! It would be an honour! I could sure use the exposure, but must admt to being a little shy about broadcasting myself. Run how you would like things to go past me, and I'll give it some serious consideration. Thanks.
[14:12:19] Reap: It would consist of nothing more than a conversaion between us
[14:12:45] Reap: i would ask you to tell me how you became an atheist and about your website
[14:13:21] Reap: you get some traffic cause i can see the hits coming from your page too mine
[14:13:28] Reap: *to
[14:16:18] Tris Stock: En fråga, as they say in Sweden; About how many people would I be exposing myself to by appearing on your podcast. As I say, I am a liittle shy (but have sang karaoke to a live audience of some 3000 people before) and would like to be well prepared for it - for obvious reasons
[14:17:44] Tris Stock: Don't get me wrong, I love the idea, I just need a little time to prepare myself. I'll have to buy a little cider (don't worry about me being drunk though, I'll be far to preoccupied with not making a fool of myself to do that)
[14:18:45] Reap: its better to think of it as just us two talking its more natural I can call you before we do the podcast just so you can get comfortable.
[14:19:44] Reap: i've done this literally hundreds of times no one has ever said they were sorry ;)
[14:20:30] Tris Stock: It's a provisional yes, then. Like I said, I'll need a little time to get my head around this, but consider me in. When do you want to give it a go?
[14:20:48] Tris Stock: Did **** ********* say he was sorry?
[14:21:01] Reap: thats up to you name a day and time you have a free hour or so
[14:21:46] Reap: **** got a honest response from me and then he started to blow up my phone but by that time I was done
[14:22:05] Tris Stock: Lol
[14:22:59] Reap: thats between us i prefer not to talk behind peoples backs but you know the background so
[14:23:33] Reap: ok i gotta do a recording with todd steifel get back to me whenever im always around
[14:24:58] Tris Stock: Okay. I have some shit to be getting on with today, that should calm me down a little, but I am otherwise free from then on. Shall we say Thursday around this time (non-timezone problem I guess)?
[14:25:26] Tris Stock: Todd Steifel? I AM in good company!
[14:26:52] Reap: thursday should work well its what 2:30pm there?

Yup, Reap has had luminaries and atheist movers and shakers a-plenty - Jerry DeWittPeter Boghossian and Greta Christina to name but three - so it would appear I am in good company.

I think the only person to have seen me on anything like a podcast was +Kenneth Dunlap in a Google Hangout after a particularly drunken night out (I seem to recall insisting on calling him Kevin or Keith. Probably both). 

The tentative time for the interview is early Thursday afternoon GMT, so let's hope this GodlessRadio podcast is not a repeat of Kevin's Kenneth's experience. 

I know from chatting to Reap before, that he spends a lot of time editing the shows, so I don't know when he would broadcast it. If, indeed, it turns out to be broadcastable at all. But you can be sure I will keep you all up to speed.

am nervous. In fact, I think I will pop round to the local store for a little cider now to help me take the edge off this pleasant surprise and help me deal with the 11 tabs I currently have open in my browser.

I could use a little atheist love and support.

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