Friday, 8 June 2012

Pastor Hagee? I call for YOU to leave America

To the American Christian reading this blog, if the idea of your Constitution protecting the rights of its citizens to believe as they wish offends you? Move.

There are plenty of planes leaving every hour where you can get a transfer to Iran or Pakistan where you can see for yourself why a secular constitution is necessary for the good of all of its citizens, not just those that subscribe to the majority. Get on one. Your country is embarrassed by you. It doesn't need you. And you'll miss the freedom America can rightly boast about that you appear to think is so offensive. I promise you.

Your coins say 'In God we trust', in strict violation of the Constitution you claim to hold so dear.

America may well be a nation of predominantly Christian people, but this is a nominal demarcation of demographics alone and has no constitutional, legal or moral standing.

Your Government has not officially recognised another god. It hasn't even officially recognised the Christian God, lest it be ruled unconstitutional. And in calling for Congress to outlaw one particular religion, you tacitly state that you re in favour of a constitutional amendment outlawing all religion; including your own.

Over 30 million non-Christians - a sizeable, increasingly powerful and vocal minority don't care about the Christian.

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